What Is Your Worth?

The Truth About Your Worth

Your intrinsic value cannot change. You are always whole and complete as you are here and now. If we can learn to believe that about ourselves, we should also be able to believe that about other people. The Hindu’s use a word called namaste. It means “the divine in me in me recognizes the divine in you.”

When we come to a point where we realize that we really are all the same, no body is any better and nobody is worse, it provides an amazing sense of respect for ourselves and others. In that we come from a much more powerful place.

True Worth VS Your Actions

This is the only body and mind we have on this journey that we are going through. How important is it? Do you have a non-negotiable daily routine that consistently shows an investment in yourself? Having a daily routine that consistently shows an investment in yourself, and matches your true worth is so important. My personal morning routine, and the routine that many of my clients use to create a life of peace, power, and purpose looks like this:

    • Exercise
    • Healthy Food
    • Prayer & Meditation
    • Morning Pages Journal Exercise
    • Gratitude List
    • An Act Of Service
    • Read A Minimum Of 10 Pages

Special Invitation


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