“Randy Scott’s Zenpowerment coaching has made an impressive difference not only for me personally but also for members of my leadership team, who are showing up differently as a result of his coaching.  I have become more present in the moment, more connected with my people and a better, more positive leader as a result of Randy’s coaching which encouraged me to let go of those things that no longer served, and allow my authentic self to “shine through”.  I speak differently, I think differently, and I lead differently.  This is much deeper than a checklist of behaviors to get more done.  It’s change that has affected me at the core.


In addition, leadership team members interact more productively with me, with each other, and with their teams as a result of Randy’s Zenpowerment principles.  They have learned to “stand in their power”, to expect and achieve better performance from their people, and to coach them with an appropriate balance of love and firmness.  We are achieving more, faster than I would have thought possible.”


Marva Sadler

CEO, Veracity Solutions

“I had personal Zenpowerment coaching with Randy, where I learned about all the principles that can empower us through authenticity. The concepts that stood out the most for me are the concepts of standing in my power, as well as coming from a place of love instead of fear. Once I became aware of these principles, I could see where I was giving away my power. Through creating more awareness, as well as investing in myself through my daily ritual, I have been able to continually reclaim power that I was giving away. I have been able to use these principles in my work life as CEO, as well as my personal life. I recommend Zenpowerment if you want to increase your power and performance.”


Vaughn Cook

CEO, Rockwell Window Wells

ATTENTION TO ALL, your life will be deeply blessed by this great mans words and his life. You will be inspired and lifted by his wisdom please take the time to read every word, and pass on his name..—


Ranelle Wallace, Author

“You don’t have to be a proponent of yoga or meditation to benefit from a little ‘Zenpowerment’ or even a lot. I completed Zenpowerment Coaching near the end of last year, and I found it hugely beneficial on many fronts, both in business and in life. The coaching I received from Randy Scott (Sir Randall Scott, to me) was all about the softer skills you don’t learn in school or in traditional business. Morning routines—daily writing—accountability and ownership of emotions and advanced problem solving are all part of the laser-focused training I received over just 10 sessions. The things I learned are now inherent in me, and are allowing me to go faster and further in every regard. Thank you, Randy Scott. I would recommend this training to anyone.”


Cheryl Snapp Conner

CEO, Snapp Conner PR

Randy Scott’s Zenpowerment is not like any other coaching I have seen or experienced.

A lot of coaches seem to be fake or superficial, whereas Randy Scott is one of the most down to earth and authentic people I know.

Through his coaching I have come to learn to not identify my worth and identity with outside sources, with my body, my thoughts, or my emotions.

I have learned to stop turning to others for guidance and truth, and to turn inward to hear my own inner guidance, and to trust myself.

I have learned to stand in my power. I have realized that I am much more powerful than I have ever realized or given myself credit for, and through the principals of Zenpowerment, I have been able to tap into that power and see massive changes in my life.

I have made huge life changes, and have taken accountability for the places where I have given away my power to others.

My life has been beautifully and powerfully impacted by Randy Scott and what he lives and teaches, and I’m forever grateful.


Lauren Ketch

Bold Life Healing

What an impression Randy makes on everyone who meets him. His true desire to help other, but those within his business and outside, is obvious and earnest. I had the chance to spend time with Randy as an Advisor/Mentor at TechX and have learned from Randy throughout his tenure with the program. His command of his business is second to none, truly understanding what clients need.


Marco Escobar

Global Channel Director, InContact