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 Instead of keeping a blog here on my website, I write articles on a regular basis and publish them on Medium. You can find all of my articles and follow me by clicking HERE.

My Book: Zenpowerment, Your Path to Peace, Power & Purpose

This book will provide you with the principles and tools to tear away the illusions of your current reality and help you create a life filled with freedom, power, and authenticity. I have gathered these gems over the past two decades and implemented them into my life, as well as shared them with my clients, to see results that many would call miracles.


When we become aware of all of the areas in our lives where we give away our power, our journey begins. This book shows you facets in your life where you give away your power, and provides principles and tools to help you reclaim your power, one present moment at a time. As you read this book and implement those pieces that resonate you, you will begin to live a life you never thought possible.


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