Sorry- all the little dreams are taken

dream_a_zIt seems like everybody wants the same thing; a nice house, nice car, work that is enjoyable, a happy family.  What’s funny is that it doesn’t take that much more energy to create huge dreams and goals.  Each individual can be a world-changer if they really want.  No limits have been set.  There is no ‘glass ceiling’ on potential.  Why is it that we settle?  Why is it that we ‘let’ things happen, instead of ‘make’ things happen?

Sure, there are things that change our plans, but why do we let these things stop us?  They might be detours.  It might take a little longer to get to where you want to go, but if you truly know what you want, why not go for it with all your gusto?

We’ve all heard that life is a stage, and we are players.  What’s more, we are the writers of our story, the directors of our actions, and the producers of our lives.  That is, unless we choose to give these roles to others, to circumstances, to fear.

There is no reason to give into fear, to give up our freedom to the beliefs of others, to be a victim of circumstance.  There is always hope, which drives to faith & action, hopefully driven by love.  If your actions aren’t motivated by love, leave it alone, and find what you love.  Think of a 3 year old child at Christmas.  How many times have you seen a kid loaded with expensive gifts, and yet, he/she ends up playing with a box or one of the ‘less prestigious’ gifts.  They don’t base their decision on what cost the most or what was most popular.  They focused on the one that was most fascinating to them at the time.

What fascinates you, and why?  I’m not asking what fascinates you because it’s cool, because it’s approved by friends & society or whatever.  What fascinates you intrinsically, if nobody else was around?  Find that thing.  Do that thing.  Be that thing.

I believe we all have passion.  Some of us have subdued it because of external influence that we don’t recognize it anymore.  It’s time to thrust off the fetters of society, delve deep into the soul, and reignite that passion.  Let it burn.  Let it purify the refuse that you’ve allowed society to put into your mind, and live passionately, purely, and purposefully.

Life is meant to be lived deliberately.  We should live life, not let life live us…..