Happy Endings / New Beginnings

Life is about change, transition, and evolution.  We see it in the seasons.  We see it in the cycle of life with birth and death.

Perspective can create happy endings, and new beginnings during key times of transition, such as changing/losing a job, divorce, or moving.

Nobody can change the past, so why not learn from it, embrace the experience, then let it go?  In any experience, good can be found.  Focus on what was good, what was learned, then let it go.  Close the door happily, so that you may look for other open doors.

New experiences at times can cause us fear; fear of the unknown.  Embrace the fear with excitement and love, and watch it quickly disappear.  If you know what you’re walking into, ask yourself “what’s the worst that could happen?”  Nearly every time, the worst thing that could happen is not that bad.

Take bigger risks, search for more new beginnings, and smile & learn with each step along the path.