Happiness: Progression, Measurement, and Vision

happiness-peruIt doesn’t matter where you are, it matters that you make a decision to go someplace, chart your course, and get moving.

I’ve noticed that happiness is a complete state of mind, based on progress towards something worthwhile.  It doesn’t have to be something earth-shattering, just worthwhile.  I remember planning an extended weekend trip to southern California.  There was as much fun in the planning, as there was on the trip.  The power of the imagination is mighty to create happiness.  Anticipation of a goal is longer-lasting than actually arriving at the goal.

Sure, you’re going to find roadblocks and challenges…. that’s what helps you grow.  If it wasn’t a worthwhile goal, it would be easy.  A friend of mine always says “Go big or go home”.  There is less competition for the big goals.

Creating a vision is what gives you passion and drive. Believing in that vision is what gives you purpose.  Moving towards it is what gives you happiness.

Chart your course, make it in pencil, and bring an eraser.  Just get moving.  If you really want happiness, chart a course that gets you outside yourself, and helping others….