Daily Habits- The Little Things ARE the Big Things



When I evaluate my life’s path, and realize that I’ve wandered ‘off course’, I realize that many times, it’s not because of some huge change, but because I’ve neglected a lot of little things.  I’ve compiled a quick list of items that I call Daily Habits, that help me immensely to maintain perspective, stay connected, and enjoy life.  Here they are:

Daily Gratitude List– Simply put, I write down 5 things that I’m grateful for, usually from the previous day.  Sometimes it’s big things that have happened, but most of the time, it’s the small things.  By doing this, it allows me to pay more attention to all the wonderful things that I’m blessed with in my life.

Daily Affirmation–  An affirmation is like a personal creed.  It’s an aspiration of what and who I’d like to be, but set in the present tense (I am….).  Over the years, this personal affirmation has changed, been refined, and has become more of who I really am, than who I want to be.  I guess that’s the value of going through the process.

Hour of Power– This is a sacred hour consisting of 20 minutes of prayer/meditation, 20 minutes of reading, and 20 minutes of exercise, with the intent of nourishing soul, mind, and body.

Act of Kindness– This is anonymous service, that helps me get outside of myself.  Sometimes it’s something big, sometimes small, but always something.  I learned an important lesson; when I’m focusing on you, I can’t focus on me.  I’ve learned to enjoy these over the years.  It becomes a fun challenge at times to find an act of kindness that is completely unexpected

When I start my day with these Daily Habits, I set a wonderful stage for creating perfect moments, and embracing each experience during the day.  I challenge you to give them a try, consistently for 30 days, and see how they begin to transform your life.