Creating Perfect Present Moments


If all we can ever influence is the present moment, then creating as many perfect present moments as possible is a worthwhile endeavor. Just being present helps increase the quality and quantity of perfect present moments.

Mindfulness is the Buddhist concept of light meditation at all times. For example, when you sit down for a meal, completely experience the food. Taste the flavor, temperature, texture of each bite. Feel how it feels to chew each bite. When you swallow, feel how it travels down your esophagus. Experience the meal as if it were your first time eating.

Another aspect of mindfulness is to practice everything. Perfect each experience as it comes up, whether it be playing an instrument or doing the dishes. As we learn to remain present, practice mindfulness, and make each moment a continual practice of improvement, we will create more and more perfect present moments.

There are no little things. There are no inconsequential moments. Everything that is present matters….. and it doesn’t. It’s whatever you choose. Just be present for them.