How To Create The Reality You Want

Re-Framing Reality

Our thoughts are really what create our reality.

1. Something happens

2. It means nothing

3. Then we create a story about what that means

4. This story is really what creates our reality about what’s possible, what’s not possible and all sorts of things.

The Power Of Choice & Meaning

We get to choose how we respond to everything in our life. We also get to choose what meaning something has. We can give it a lot of meaning, a little meaning, or no meaning at all. We get to choose. We get to re-frame our reality one thought, one action at a time.

The Power Of Failure

Most of us have fear of failure. We don’t take action because we try to be perfectionists due to our fear of failure. What if we embraced failure as something we would look forward to, as something we would try to do every day, and push ourselves until we failed? How much farther would we go in life?

We get the chance and we have the responsibility to create the reality we want. As you are looking at your thoughts and the actions behind them, What kind of reality do you really want?

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