Online Courses

Online courses

Online courses are a great option for improving yourself on your schedule. You can move as slowly or quickly as you want.  These courses are also much less expensive than having my one-on-one coaching or live group coaching programs.


Available Courses


Closet Hippie Club Online Course

In our lives, we are all hiding parts of ourselves in the closet. For me, it was being a hippie. For many years, I played the part of the buttoned-down executive, and hid my inner hippie. When I decided to ‘come out of the closet’, I found more freedom and happiness.


What part of yourself do you have hiding in the closet? Are you ready to let it out?


This course includes all of the recordings from a year-long group coaching program that I did. It is all based on the principles of my book, Zenpowerment, Your Path To Peace, Power & Purpose.


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Coming soon: Mindfulness and Emotional Mastery Online Course

Are you having difficulty communicating with your spouse or partner?


Are you having difficulty helping your teen through the teenage experience?


Do you want to improve your relationships with your employees?


Then this course on emotional mastery might be for you.


How would it feel to have open, transparent, and vulnerable communication?


How would you feel to really be heard and understood?


How would your relationships feel if you didn’t act on your triggers or got angry all the time?


This is an online course meant to be taken in pairs of spouses/partners, parent & teen, or employer/employee. If only one person in a relationship understands these principles and tools, it will do no good. When taken as a team, it can literally change your world.


This course will be available in Q3 of 2019. If you’d like to be informed when it’s available, please fill out this form, and we’ll email you when it’s available.


Coming soon: Life Funnel Online Course

Do you feel like you’re busy all the time, but aren’t getting anywhere?


Are you unclear on your purpose?


Would you like to accomplish a lot more in a lot less time?



A life funnel provides a strong direction for your life and then gives you a system and method to accomplish more by using 90-day sprints.


With this online course, you’ll be provided with the instruction and tools to create your own life funnel. It will show you how to take massive action with each 90-day sprint.


If you’d like to be notified when this course is available, please fill out the form below.