Executive and Team Mentoring


Inviting Humanity Back Into Organizations



Zenpowerment helps executives create high-performance teams through new perspective.




Zenpowerment helps you create better teams by creating better individuals.



Zenpowerment helps you uncover your authenticity so that you can reclaim your power for greatness.


Zenpowerment gives you easy, implementable insights like daily rituals, but it also gives you counter-intuitive strategies like trigger work and being the observer, that you won’t find anywhere else.


Are you ready to take your life and team to the next level?


Executive Team Mentoring

A company’s executive team is responsible for driving the growth and culture of the organization. The company can only grow as much as their leadership can. If each executive is not growing at least as fast as the company does, they will fall behind.


Investing in your executive team is an investment in the company. We can help you provide your team with leadership, relationship skills, and tools for efficiency. We help make your team stronger by making each executive stronger.


If you’re ready to take your peace, power, freedom, and purpose to the next level, let’s have a conversation. You can schedule time with me by clicking HERE.



Premier Power Mentoring

For executives who want a custom, fast-paced program to help you achieve your goals and enjoy more peace, power, freedom and purpose, I take on 5-6 clients per year to focus on those things that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential. You must be fully-committed to change and implementation.


Warning: Your world will fall apart before it comes back together. Things in your life that you thought were solid foundation will fall away like sand. It is difficult, but worth it.


Clients that opt into this program commit to 6-12 months of weekly coaching and accountability.  Here are what some clients have said:


“Randy’s coaching encouraged me to let go of those things that no longer served, and allow my authentic self to “shine through”. I speak differently, I think differently, and I lead differently. This is much deeper than a checklist of behaviors to get more done. It’s change that has affected me at the core.We are achieving more, faster than I would have thought possible.”

Marva Sadler

CEO, Veracity Solutions




“The coaching I received from Randy Scott (Sir Randall Scott, to me) was all about the softer skills you don’t learn in school or in traditional business. Morning routines—daily writing—accountability and ownership of emotions and advanced problem solving are all part of the laser-focused training I received over just 10 sessions. The things I learned are now inherent in me, and are allowing me to go faster and further in every regard. Thank you, Randy Scott. I would recommend this training to anyone.”

Cheryl Snapp Conner
CEO, Snapp Conner PR




“I had personal Zenpowerment coaching with Randy, where I learned about all the principles that can empower us through authenticity. Once I became aware of these principles, I could see where I was giving away my power. I have been able to continually reclaim power that I was giving away. I have been able to use these principles in my work life as CEO, as well as my personal life. I recommend Zenpowerment if you want to increase your power and performance.”

Vaughn Cook

CEO, Rockwell Window Wells



If you’re ready to take your peace, power, freedom, and purpose to the next level, let’s have a conversation. You can schedule time with me by clicking HERE.