Empowerment Through Authenticity

Clarity of Direction & Purpose

Enduring Principles

Zenpowerment helps you uncover your authenticity so that you can reclaim your power for greatness.


Zenpowerment gives you easy, implementable insights like daily rituals, but it also gives you counter-intuitive strategies like trigger work and being the observer, that you won’t find anywhere else.


What would it feel like if you didn’t worry about what others think of you?

How much more powerful would you be when you realize you are giving away a huge portion of your personal power?

How would you feel with peace, happiness, and fulfillment?



Zenpowerment focuses on seven principles that change perspective and empower people to live a life of peace, power & purpose.


I speak to corporate and private groups on a number of empowering topics, taken from the content of my book.



Zenpowerment helps empower you by uncovering your authenticity. I have various coaching options, including group and one-on-one coaching.

Clarity of Direction

The Book: Zenpowerment, Empowerment through Authencity



Zenpowerment is a collection of principles and habits that chip away at who we think we are, and allow us to delve into our true authenticity, to create a life of empowerment, freedom and self-expression. The key principles are:




  • Standing in your power
  • Coming from a place of love
  • The power of choice and meaning
  • Being present
  • Understanding filters and programming
  • Essentialism / minimalism
  • Energy / oneness



Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more, or if we may be of service.



Zenpowerment helps teams and companies speak the same empowering language by understanding how thoughts, emotions and our stories affect our communication and relationships.  Key topics of Zenpowerment speaking include:


  • Emotional intelligence


  • Building trust within the organization and with your clients


  • Increasing productivity and happiness through essentialism


  • Creating a powerful organization, starting with me


Clarity of Purpose

Coaching- Investing in Yourself and Your Company:

Your company is growing at xx% per year…. are you?


My mission is to educate, equip, and inspire leaders to improve their performance and achieve results. This process is more about creating an awareness, and uncovering your authentic self. Coaching is very customized for each person, though there are many building blocks that are common.


Zenpowerment helps executive leadership create a new perspective. Perspective is a true understanding of the relative importance of things. This new perspective allows executive leadership to prioritize activities in alignment with corporate strategy and personal priorities.


Zenpowerment assists executive leadership to break through limiting beliefs about their company and about themselves individually. This new perspective results in increased satisfaction, productivity and clarity of direction and purpose.

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